GSoC Proposal - LibreOffice '19

Heiko Tietze tietze.heiko at
Thu Apr 4 05:18:33 UTC 2019

I miss the different types of QR, guess it comes from the library.

Regarding the workflow I wonder if an integration into the hyperlink dialog makes sense- and a similar workflow. Border (aka margins) around an image makes not much sense as the object itself has it. And I never heard about the error correction level so it might be an expert feature. If you do SVG please allow manipulation of the object, eg. color, background... (check also HCC2D).

Since actually no input is needed I would also think about a command to 'Convert to QR code' without any further interaction. BZ Ticket for your work is tdf#62168, the QR code is not limited to Writer and should in particular also work in Draw.

Last but not least "try out different APIs" sounds like a hard showstopper to me if you don't find a suitable. We build and ship many libs, btw. and would do so here too I guess.

Great project anyway, it will advance LibreOffice a lot.

PS: We have this extension

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