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Thu Apr 4 10:14:57 UTC 2019

First of all, thankyou very much for this wonderful review.

On Thu, 4 Apr 2019 at 10:48, Heiko Tietze <tietze.heiko at> wrote:

> I miss the different types of QR, guess it comes from the library.
 I read about different types of QR code here . The library
<> generates QR code of 1st type
only. But yeah, it can generate different versions of QR codes based on the
input text.

> Regarding the workflow I wonder if an integration into the hyperlink
> dialog makes sense- and a similar workflow.

Yes, I too find this exciting.

> Border (aka margins) around an image makes not much sense as the object
> itself has it.

Ok, I will remove this option.

> And I never heard about the error correction level so it might be an
> expert feature.

Yes, it is. So, I think I would create confusions among users. What do you

> If you do SVG please allow manipulation of the object, eg. color,
> background... (check also HCC2D).
Yes, Features like foreground color and background color wold be good.
I surfed about HCC2D and found out that it still is a proposal. Btw thanks
a lot to make me know about it.

> Since actually no input is needed I would also think about a command to
> 'Convert to QR code' without any further interaction.

I didn't got it.

> BZ Ticket for your work is tdf#62168, the QR code is not limited to Writer
> and should in particular also work in Draw.

> Last but not least "try out different APIs" sounds like a hard showstopper
> to me if you don't find a suitable.

It was just the timeline.

> We build and ship many libs, btw. and would do so here too I guess.

> Great project anyway, it will advance LibreOffice a lot.

> PS: We have this extension
> On 04.04.19 04:31, shubham goyal (via Google Docs) wrote:
> > shubham goyal <mailto:22shubh22 at> has shared a link to the
> following document:
> > GSoC Proposal - LibreOffice '19 <
> >
> > Open in Docs <
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