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Kaganski Mike mikekaganski at
Sat Apr 6 09:33:43 UTC 2019


On 06.04.2019 1:46, Luke Benes wrote:
> No one in QA and no developers have voiced a preference for gitiles. 
> Because it's slower, it's UI and UX is harder to read, it lacks useful 
> tools like search,  and the URLs are a pain to work with. It's inferior 
> in every way.

Personally I like URLs like
being (a) shorter than all alternatives; (b) being libreoffice-related. 
I'd like them to stay; I have no problems with expanded form of those, 
too. After my concerns about dates were addressed, I only would like if 
redirection to the actual (gitiles) address would be something internal, 
not resulting in browser URL change.

Of course, the performance issue is something to solve, too, but that is 
a technical task, which is not a blocker for me.

Best regards,
Mike Kaganski

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