Add AdjustX method to basegfx::B2DPoint

Alexander Farrow alexanderfarrow at
Mon Apr 8 20:47:33 UTC 2019

Hi Thorsten,

Thanks for your reply.

Thorsten Behrens wrote:
>tools::Point is not exactly a role model for a nicely designed class,
>so I'd hesitate to take any literal bits out of that. ;)

Good to know, I'm new to the codebase so I'll keep that in mind.

>Many places using AdjustX() also call AdjustY() just the next line, so
>for that you could use basegfx::B2DPoint::operator+=(const B2DTuple&)

Sure but there are occasions in the code where we are just modifying
a single coordinate. My recent patch is an example: <>

>If you believe you *must* use a single-component modifier

A single-component modifier isn't a must but it might be nice for
when we are only changing one coordinate.

> please come up with something that blends well with the b2dtuple/point
>concept. Also ideally, you will maintain some amount of internal
>consistency (e.g. compare how operator*, *= etc. all got added in
>farious flavours, such that math with b2dtuples works like the
>'canonical' way when done with skalars or various forms of vectors).

If we do decide to go ahead with this I'll be sure to follow your
implementation requirements.

With many thanks,

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