Re "create empty .lproj directories for languages supported by OS X"

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Fri Apr 26 07:14:23 UTC 2019

I have some questions about 
"create empty .lproj directories for languages supported by OS X" 
(quoted below; affecting only the non-default test-install make target, 
and only for macOS when configured with --enable-macosx-code-signing):

* What is the reason to still generate those now-empty 
Contents/Resources/*.proj/ directories?

* Since 
"tdf#122244 Put InfoPlist.strings files at correct places on macOS", at 
least some of those Contents/Resources/*.proj/ directories in 
instset/LibreOffice*.app/ and in corresponding (--with-package-format=*) 
installation sets will contain empty InfoPlist.strings files.  I do not 
know if that is a problem for the --with-package-format=dmg installation 
sets, nor whether it is a problem here for this special 
--enable-macosx-code-signing test-install target.

> commit 6e9a41dbc25402350e4b767d8f10e8e855f7531a
> Author: Andras Timar <andras.timar at>
> Date:   Mon May 11 22:26:29 2015 +0200
>     create empty .lproj directories for languages supported by OS X
>     The previous solution had problems. InfoPlist.strings were empty,
>     because localization has not been working since the CFBundleTypeIconFile
>     entries were removed from Info.plist. Icon file basename was the key
>     in documents.ulf. So we packaged 0 bytes long files. The second problem
>     was that we used LibreOffice language codes, and OS X language codes are
>     different in some cases. This caused problems such as French strings on
>     English UI (e.g. Open/Save dialogs), because the system did not
>     recognize en-US.lproj and en-GB.lproj, and fell back to the next one: fr.
>     Conflicts:
>     (cherry picked from commit 91902ef1411943f65da296fefd15fff9170d9c0c)
>     Change-Id: I9c502cdf737b497ca2ceef8f3c535ccfea2f6134
> diff --git a/ b/
> index 8e84f4682517..ff8f36ba0334 100644
> --- a/
> +++ b/
> @@ -306,14 +306,13 @@ ifeq ($(OS_FOR_BUILD),WNT)
>  else
>         @$(SRCDIR)/solenv/bin/ooinstall $(TESTINSTALLDIR)
> -# Unzip bin/InfoPlist_*.zip files into corresponding Resources/*.lproj directories.
> -       set -x; for F in $(TESTINSTALLDIR)/LibreOffice$(if $(ENABLE_RELEASE_BUILD),,Dev).app/Contents/bin/InfoPlist_*.zip; do \
> -               bn=`basename $$F .zip`; \
> -               lang=$${bn#InfoPlist_}; \
> +#
> +# Create Resources/*.lproj directories for languages supported by OS X
> +       set -x; for lang in ca cs da de el en es fi fr hr hu id it ja ko ms nl no pl pt pt_PT ro ru sk sv th tr uk vi zh_CN zh_TW; do \
>                 lproj=$(TESTINSTALLDIR)/LibreOffice$(if $(ENABLE_RELEASE_BUILD),,Dev).app/Contents/Resources/$$lang.lproj; \
>                 mkdir $$lproj; \
> -               (cd $$lproj; unzip $$F); \
>         done
> +#
>  # And remove the "bin" folder which should not be there
>         rm -rf $(TESTINSTALLDIR)/LibreOffice$(if $(ENABLE_RELEASE_BUILD),,Dev).app/Contents/bin
>  #

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