is gerrit #26348 still somewhere?

Winfried Donkers Winfried.Donkers at
Tue Apr 30 05:45:22 UTC 2019

Hi Christian, Mike, Eike,

(Combining mails into one reply)

> Not on gerrit anymore, but is available on jenkins mirror...
> Attached is the change v1 - if there was a second revision, then that is lost.
First of all, thank you, Christian, for retrieving the change v1. That'll help preventing making the same mistakes twice.

> ... but definitely, if a user deletes a draft patch, without publishing 
> it, it is deleted irreversibly (or at least irreversibly for the user).
It must have been a draft patch, then, Mike.

> I would had thought though that I was on reviewer Cc
> and I just tried and couldn't access it either.
You were reviewer and have commented (luckily I still have those comments).

I now have the patch and also the comments that Eike made. I can get on and concentrate on taking the next hurdle(s).

Thank you all!



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