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Hi Cyrille,

On Saturday, 2019-04-27 18:06:20 +0200, Cyrille wrote:

> For dictionary on this link
> <>
> I found an old extension with an hunspell dic for OpenOffice and it is
> probably possible to create a new extension for Libreoffice.
talks about my-MMDict.oxt and says that would need some Myanmar word
break patches as well to work. It says "You only need the .diff patch
files" but doesn't list any .diff patch files (or I'm blind).

But since then years went by and maybe ICU word break does something
suiting now. says "RIP Keith Stribley. 1976 - 2011"
so I guess he's dead and nothing will happen there. There's a "Myanmar line breaking and
spellchecking extension for" that you maybe could fork
and continue.

> I'm ready
> to do the work, but I couldn't maintain it. Would it be possible to add
> it directly to Libreoffice sources?

If nobody is going to maintain it then sticking it into LibO core
doesn't help either. For an extension then it would be better if it was
hosted at GitLab or GitHub so anyone willing could submit pull requests
(that you would have to handle), or fork and continue development.

> The same page says that the ui is translated but on Ubuntu I couldn't
> see the translation with the "my" locale. the
> page says too that graphite give this UI translation, then how to use it
> on LO?

You can't expect a translation of another version (specifically not OOo)
to work in a current LibreOffice version. Maybe Ubuntu doesn't offer
a 'my' language pack in its current version, I don't know.

LO has its (54%) Burmese 'my' translation, see and installation packs
are available, just choose the "need another language?" link on the
download page and look for Burmese.


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