Libre 6.1.4 bugs with vlookup

Sergiu Iabanji iabanji1402 at
Sat Feb 2 18:02:28 UTC 2019

I've used libreoffice version 5 (don't know exactly the version) until now
and there was no bugs for me.
Today, I've installed version 6.1.4 (for Windows 7) and found 2 bugs:

   1. Function vlookup (in calc) is not working between two different
   files. When the function wizard window is active and I want to set the
   second parameter (array) of this function, if needed array is in the other
   file, when I go to that file, the function wizard window disappears. Even
   if I select needed array, and go manually back to the first file, the
   function wizard window is active there, but the selection of array is not
   reflected in it. Both files are .ods format.
   2. Second bug is also with the function Vlookup: if the seccond
   parameter (array) of the function is in the same file as function, but in
   the other sheet, there is not possible to select whole columns using
   columns lable. For example if I need to select whole first two columns, in
   the past I could do it by marking column lables A and B (the result in
   function wizard is A:B). Now it's not working and I can only select cells
   A1 and B1 (in the function wizard window will be A1:B1) after this I delete
   both "1" manually and have needed A:B. So it was easyer in the old versions.

Is it possible co correct these bugs?

Sergiu Iabanji

iabanji1402 at <sergiu at>
+373 794 68 960
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