header footer background images don't display on file reopen

Michael Stahl mst at libreoffice.org
Thu Feb 7 14:38:11 UTC 2019

On 07.02.19 15:19, Michael Stahl wrote:
> On 27.01.19 02:17, Jim Raykowski wrote:
>> Trying to make header and footer background images redisplay on 
>> opening. I noticed draw:fill="bitmap" in 
>> style:header-footer-properties in a .fodt test file.
>> ...
>> </style:page-layout-properties>
>> <style:header-style>
>> <style:header-footer-properties fo:min-height="0in" 
>> fo:margin-bottom="0.1965in" draw:fill="bitmap" style:repeat="repeat" 
>> draw:fill-image-ref-point="top-left">
>> <style:background-image>
>> ...
>> If draw:fill="bitmap" is removed the image shows in the header on 
>> reopen. When not removed blue background fill is shown.
>> Is draw:fill="bitmap" needed?
> what's odd about this is that you have draw:fill="bitmap" attribute but 
> not draw:fill-image-name="..." - that's even more invalid than Regina 
> says :)
> iirc the idea was that both draw:fill attributes (new and not-yet-valid) 
> and style:background-image element (old and valid) should be exported, 
> so that old LO/OOo versions can read the style:background-image and new 
> LO versions the draw:fill attributes which have more features.
> when i try with Writer 6.1, i get the draw:fill-image-name plus a couple 
> more (draw:opacity="100%" draw:fill-image-width="0cm" 
> draw:fill-image-height="0cm" style:repeat="repeat" 
> draw:fill-image-ref-point-x="0%" draw:fill-image-ref-point-y="0%" 
> draw:fill-image-ref-point="center" draw:tile-repeat-offset="0% 
> vertical") ... not sure why you manage to get only draw:fill?

okay - it depends on *how* you set the background image.

i've used the Format->Page dialog to set it, that works fine as above.

but there's a second way, in the document view via the blue header 
button drop-down menu "Border and Backgrounds..." - set an image there 
and i get similar results as you (data loss).

apparently there's a bug to have the blue button drop-down call the same 
dialog as Format->Page dialog, which ought to fix the problem.


<aditya-sahu> is apparently working on this...

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