Principle of least surprise

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Hi All,

Is it possible to hit ctrl+K to open the hyperlink window so you can clear the hyperlinks? If I am not mistaken that is how excel does it to allow you to add or remove hyperlinks.

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Well - I tend to agree that having the hyperlinks malfunctional is not nice. *Possibly* the idea behind showing "hand" cursor over such URLs even without holding CTRL required for their activation could be to allow user an easy way to identify the links... but even then, showing cursor does not necessarily imply that clicking should give both no following the hyperlink, and no cell selection.

On 09.02.2019 6:23, Joao S. O. Bueno wrote:
> Moreover, I spent sometimes in the options dialog box (that just the 
> looks the same ms office did in 1996), searching for a way to disable 
> the "convert e-mail to hyperlink" behavior applcation wise, and could 
> not find any. (Which does not mean it is not there, just that it is 
> another broken point in the UI).

Heh, it looks like placing all controls for what changes input in one "AutoCorrect" dialog is indeed just another broken UI. We need better put it in many different places all over the application instead.

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