Broken Python unit test need help to finish the fix

Michael Stahl mst at
Tue Feb 12 13:06:55 UTC 2019

On 12.02.19 13:42, Hamish MB via LibreOffice wrote:
> I found a broken and disabled test while doing so - I
> have started an attempt to fix it, and fixed several issues, but I
> reached a roadblock when my knowledge of pyUNO and UNO wasn't enough to
> finish it. The results of the work so far are at
> What seems to happen is the test segfaults when loading a file,
> seemingly regardless of what that file is - see the comment at line 91.

this isn't and has never been a unit test; it was never enabled in the 
build system and won't do anything useful unless you replace the "FIXME" 
strings with a real directory first.

i just implemented it in the form of a JunitTest 10 years ago because it 
happened to be the most convenient way at the time to round-trip a bunch 
of documents.

recently it somehow got translated to a PythonTest, and apparently that 
never worked (as you found).

perhaps it's best to just remove the file so people don't get confused.

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