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Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Fri Feb 15 15:23:02 UTC 2019

On 15/02/2019 14:14, LORENZO Vincent wrote:
> So, there is no real jar source for it, only idl files. Right ?

Right; unoil.jar contains Java classes representing the UNOIDL entities 
in LO's module offapi.  For historical reasons, the conversion from 
UNOIDL entities to Java classes (with LO's javamaker tool) is done 
directly to Java byte code, instead of to Java source code first.

(Similarly, LO's ridl.jar is a combination of classes compiled from 
ridljar/com/ *.java sources and generated from udkapi/com/ *.idl files.)

> So, I would try to provide these idl files to Eclipse. Please could you 
> confirm me that all contents of unoil.jar comes from the offapi folder 
> of the git .

Yes (I can confirm at least for unoil.jar as included in LO; see below 
for my ignorance of Maven).
> Do you know which branch I must use to get the idl file used to generate 
> unoil-5.4.2 ?

I have no idea who uploaded what to Maven, but I would guess that the 
"5.4.2" there corresponds to LO version 5.4.2, i.e., what got tagged 
(i.e., the latest libreoffice-5.4.2.x tag, denoting the final release 
rather than a release candidate towards the final release.)

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