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Hi Eike, all,

Le 20/02/2019 à 14:42, Eike Rathke a écrit :
> Hi sophi,
> On Tuesday, 2019-02-19 11:36:30 +0100, sophi wrote:
>> In the meantime, I would like to ask you what would be the basis in your
>> opinion to get badges. If you read what OpenBadges is, it's not only
>> about contributions but also awarding skills.
> I suggest to take a look at the Fedora Badges to gather some ideas what
> could be rewarded.

Thanks a lot for your feedback, I'm aware of this project
> Hover with the mouse over a badge, or take a look at the page's source
> code data-tooltip=... for an easier browsable listing of cases.
>> In that regard, what realizations/targets would you propose to get awarded?
> In general, almost everything that interacts with the TDF infrastructure
> and is associated with an account. Editing wiki pages, translation
> activity, pushing to gerrit, reviewing on gerrit, bugzilla activities
> (adding comments, triaging, fixing, closing, ...); loads more I guess.
> Conference attendence, other events, certifications, anything people
> could be proud of to stick on their page.

We have the possibility to reward any contributions to the project
thanks to the dashboard. But I would like to push a little more with
OpenBadges [1] which is a standard to recognize learnings and not only
contributions. This is where I seek your help: to define some thresholds
in achievements where you can earn Open Badges.



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