how to add nested folders and files into the odt file structure ?

Michael Stahl mst at
Fri Jan 18 12:20:54 UTC 2019

On 18.01.19 13:05, LORENZO Vincent wrote:
> Hello everybody,
>                  I know the odt file is a kind of zip file. I would like 
> to add folders and files in it programmatically, but I don’t know how to 
> proceed.
> I tested manually with 7-zip, but at the end the odt file is corrupt. I 
> tried with java ZipFile class, but it fails too. So I would like to know 
> if a such API exists and where can I found example for it ?
> The files I want to add won’t be linked to the contents of the document, 
> I just want use the odt file to store additional files like into a zip.

you need to keep the META-INF/manifest.xml consistent with the zip 

guess the easiest is to use ODFDOM library, which you can get at

there's some class that can load & store ODF packages and it maintains 
the manifest automatically for you.

i'm afraid the documentation is currently offline because the project is 
currently migrating off of ASF infrastructure.

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