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Mon Jan 28 14:35:27 UTC 2019

Hi Rohit,

On 27/01/2019 23:00, Rohit Raj wrote:
> I am writing this letter out of great curiosity and eagerness to
> present you with an idea. I am willing to apply for GSOC -2019 and I
> have been using your Ubuntu -Libre Office and I have checked your
> recent Projects, but  I personally feel that your android app of
> LibreOffice Viewer needs major changes in terms of UI and UX and I
> want to volunteer for the task.

	You're entirely right of course =)

	However - I'm also rather convinced that rather than re-using the
Mozilla/Fennec/Java approach - we should do this work on top of Online -
as we're doing for iOS[1]. This will then allow us to do several things
- particularly writing in Javascript - debugging on a normal Linux
machine and in a normal browser, as well as sharing all of the great new
Mobile UI work with the responsive design of Online.

	If that's interesting to you - I imagine Gülşah would be available to
mentor you - although the code-base is moving reasonably rapidly, so I
think we'd want to have a series of smaller features here. One idea is
to target the mobile-phone UI here are a couple of ideas:

	* make entry drop-downs into full-screen dialogs on Mobile

	* re-purpose side-bars as tools panels for mobile.

	* providing a JS / widget toolkit front-end using the native UI
	  welding framework from Caolan.

	Anyhow - just some ideas, would be good to sync. with Gülşah.



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