Encoding problem when migration hsqldb->Firebird

julien2412 serval2412 at yahoo.fr
Thu Jan 31 08:01:30 UTC 2019

Kaganski Mike wrote
> ...
> It might be some artifact of the tracing machinery, which e.g. could use 
> a font without the codepoint, or output all non-ascii chars like that? 
> because \u00c5 is a valid UTF-18 escape sequence [1] (U+00C5, [2]), and 
> so "\u00c5r" maybe is just "År" in the real string (i.e., the "\u00c5r" 
> takes 4 sal_Unicode characters for ", Å, r, and " in the OUString, and 
> the Å is actually the "real" character)?
> ...

Sorry for the delay.
In both cases, I used std::cerr to trace the strings.

Also, I used Vi to open script/database and indeed it contains \u.... 
Using "file" Unix command on script database retrieves us ascii (expected
UTF-8) where as "file" on content.xml retrieves UTF-8.


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