How do I add a new configuration item to registrymodifications.xcu

Michael Stahl mst at
Thu Jan 31 12:57:06 UTC 2019

On 31.01.19 11:48, Winfried Donkers wrote:
>>> Therefore I need to add a configuration item to registrymodifications.xcu.
>>> I have created a class to obtain the configuration item, using a derivative of ::com::sun::star::utl::ConfigItem and copying/adapting existing code to retrieve configuration items.
>> utl::ConfigItem is sort of deprecated and you should have a really good
>> excuse to use it in new code.
> I have no better excuse than that it existed in the same component.
> Which method should I use instead (or where can I find good examples of code to use as guide)?

just "git grep officecfg::" will find lots of examples, there are 
headers generated that have a class for every config item and you can 
get() and set() it.

now there are some places that are tied to utl::ConfigItem; perhaps the 
Tools->Options dialog has some need for that but i forgot about that.

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