Change shape from text box mode to ordinary shape in Writer

Regina Henschel regina.henschel at
Mon Jul 1 18:26:12 UTC 2019

Hi all,

I'm working on tdf#125884 "FILEOPEN: DOCX WordArt "Transform" (Fontwork, 
TextWarp) is not imported". But I need help.

Problem: A shape in DOCX can have a text box. The shape itself has a 
geometry, which is in most cases one of the presets, e.g. a "triangle". 
The text box can in addition have a Warp geometry, one of the Warp 
presets, e.g. "textFadeUp". The text inside the triangle would be 
transformed in that case.

ODF cannot represent this. You can have either (1) normal text inside 
the triangle-shape or you can have (2) transformed text but no triangle. 
The difference in file format, as written and interpreted by 
LibreOffice, is, that in case (1), the object has a graphic property 
with a parent-style-name and in (2) there exists no parent-style-name.

The case, which corresponds to the "Fontwork" of Word 97 and our 
Fontwork Gallery, and which the help of MS Office explains, uses as 
outer shape a rectangle. Such cases should be imported as method (2).

That is no problem in Impress/Draw/Calc because the information, that 
the text is in Warp mode, is read before the text content. But in DOCX 
it is the other way round. The text is already read and the shape has 
been inserted before the Warp information is read.

My problem is now, that I do not find, how to change the shape from (1) 
to (2). I can change the CustomShapeGeometry, especially add the needed 
"TextPath" property and adapt "Type". I set "TextBox" property to false. 
But I get a shape, which has the path of the Warp visible and has still 
a text box.

If I remove the text box in the UI, I loose the text content and the 
shape is still no "Fontwork", which means the "Fontwork" toolbar is not 

My questions: Is it possible at all? If yes, what do I have overlooked?

Kind regards

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