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Mon Jul 1 19:07:42 UTC 2019

Hi all,
shows some of my attempts.

Kind regards

Regina Henschel schrieb am 01-Jul-19 um 20:26:
> Hi all,
> I'm working on tdf#125884 "FILEOPEN: DOCX WordArt "Transform" (Fontwork, 
> TextWarp) is not imported". But I need help.
> Problem: A shape in DOCX can have a text box. The shape itself has a 
> geometry, which is in most cases one of the presets, e.g. a "triangle". 
> The text box can in addition have a Warp geometry, one of the Warp 
> presets, e.g. "textFadeUp". The text inside the triangle would be 
> transformed in that case.
> ODF cannot represent this. You can have either (1) normal text inside 
> the triangle-shape or you can have (2) transformed text but no triangle. 
> The difference in file format, as written and interpreted by 
> LibreOffice, is, that in case (1), the object has a graphic property 
> with a parent-style-name and in (2) there exists no parent-style-name.
> The case, which corresponds to the "Fontwork" of Word 97 and our 
> Fontwork Gallery, and which the help of MS Office explains, uses as 
> outer shape a rectangle. Such cases should be imported as method (2).
> That is no problem in Impress/Draw/Calc because the information, that 
> the text is in Warp mode, is read before the text content. But in DOCX 
> it is the other way round. The text is already read and the shape has 
> been inserted before the Warp information is read.
> My problem is now, that I do not find, how to change the shape from (1) 
> to (2). I can change the CustomShapeGeometry, especially add the needed 
> "TextPath" property and adapt "Type". I set "TextBox" property to false. 
> But I get a shape, which has the path of the Warp visible and has still 
> a text box.
> If I remove the text box in the UI, I loose the text content and the 
> shape is still no "Fontwork", which means the "Fontwork" toolbar is not 
> provided.
> My questions: Is it possible at all? If yes, what do I have overlooked?
> Kind regards
> Regina
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