Reveal code, old macros convert them to LO

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Fri Jul 5 11:27:38 UTC 2019

On 05/07/19 09:16, Uwe Brauer wrote:
>>>> "AP" == Andrew Pitonyak <andrew at> writes:
>> So I read your response to say...
>> If it is a read only display them it is not worth the time to bother with it... 
>> That is certainly easier than trying to make it work :-)
> I would say, read only is a first step and if users start to like it
> then maybe the developer are more inclined to make it editable too.
Sorry but that completely misses the point. If it's read-only I won't
even bother to learn how to use it ...

Bear in mind this is a POWER USER tool. You're basically saying "if
users like Acrobat Reader we might re-write it to be like Word". Not
going to fly !!! You're suggesting *exactly* what MS did in the '95 time
frame, when all the power users howled how useless the Word version was,
and all the lusers didn't even realise it existed.

WordPerfect power users spend nearly all their time in Reveal Codes. I
had my screen split 2/3 Reveal Codes, 1/3 wysiwyg, and most of the time
I ignored the wysiwyg.

Think of people who used to work in things like Wordstar, using markup.
They used to print the document to see how it would come out. I used the
wysiwyg the same way. Reveal Codes is a markup editor, treating each
individual markup code as a single character so you can cursor past the
codes, double-click the code to bring up the dialog box to alter it, etc


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