Reveal code, old macros convert them to LO

Uwe Brauer oub at
Fri Jul 5 12:14:29 UTC 2019

   > On 05/07/19 09:16, Uwe Brauer wrote:
   > Sorry but that completely misses the point. If it's read-only I won't
   > even bother to learn how to use it ...

The point is: 

Since almost 10 years people are demanding such a feature and nothing

All I am saying is: if a read only feature can be _easily implemented_,
then maybe more people will start even to consider such a feature as
being useful and the pressure to have it as «a power tool» will grow.

The alternative would be «shut up and how me your code», but I can't
provide you the feature you desire, because I know almost nothing about
LO internals.
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