Reveal code, old macros convert them to LO

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Mon Jul 8 03:23:28 UTC 2019

On 08/07/19 03:04, Dan Lewis wrote:
> One thing I do know: an .odt file is based on styles. The only codes
> that are used are styles. This is obvious when looking at the
> Content.xml file in the .odt zipped file. Word Perfect has a different
> set of codes which it uses. I do not see any correlation between the
> two. Without this, how can a do more than pretend to convert LO's
> styles  from WP's "reveal codes"?

I don't get this ,,, which could be why this thread has been so long.

WordPerfect has styles. Reveal Codes is nothing really to do with
styles. Unless of course this is the old chestnut of "people use reveal
codes to see the formatting".

Would you call "bold" a style? Would you call a graphics box a style?

The point is, reveal codes showed all of this. So if I used styles for
my document, in my reveal codes window I might see

[style:chapter:on]Chapter 1[style:chapter:off]

or if I didn't know about styles particularly it would be

[bold:on]Chapter 1[bold:off]

and if I double-clicked the [chapter] "character" it would call up the
style definition dialog, while if I clicked the [bold] "character" it
would call up the font format dialog.

A picture would appear as a character something like [graphics box:URI].
Etc etc.

Can I ask how many people here have actually *used* WordPerfect and
Reveal Codes, and how many people are simply going on what they've been
told about reveal codes?

Reveal Codes is a markup window. Those markups might happen to be
styles. They might not.


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