Reveal code, old macros convert them to LO

Uwe Brauer oub at
Mon Jul 8 19:24:13 UTC 2019

> On 7/7/19 4:35 PM, Wols Lists wrote:

> I now possess a copy of the offending .docx document and the PDF
> version of it. (It contains 1.6MB, so it will take some time.)
> Tomorrow, I will be determining what is necessary to fix it. Rather
> than guess as to what would be required, I will find out. I think this
> would be much more useful for others.  I will report back when I am
> finished.

I will be grateful, but I am afraid this document is beyond help,
however I have to deal with it, that is to modify and to save so that
other MS Word users can read and print it.

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