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On 22/07/19 13:11, Leo Evens wrote:

> 1 Will there be an automatic link via LinusMint or Libreoffice  to
> Microsoft, when i connect this PC to Wifi ?


> 2 Writer : 
> To test this PC, i first created some files and text-documents.
> Only after that i found LibreOffice and Writer, 
> meaning that i created these files and documents with the Mint-textprogram.
> But is there a way to move these texts and files to Writer ?

You can open them using the menu File > Open from within LibreOffice.

> 3 in Writer i cannot create files, only documents.
>    The pictograms '1 file higher' or ' create a new file' as mentionned
> in 'help' for Writer, are not available in a document i created on Writer.

A document is a file. We use the term document for Writer as it better
represents what you are creating.

> 4 Before buying this PC, i found inforation on th internet about Linux /
> LibreOffice, that one of their big advantages is that a document can be
> 'saved' in PDF, but i could not find that PDF option for saving a
> document in Writer.

You can save as PDF by using the menu File > Export as PDF.

> 5 Can i upload PDF documents fia a USBstick to Writer ?
You can open any file, if supported, from within LibreOffice by using
the menu File > Open. Once opened with LibreOffice, you can save the
file using LibreOffice native file format.

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