Questions form a new Linux user

Ralf Quint at
Mon Jul 22 17:36:19 UTC 2019

On 7/22/2019 4:11 AM, Leo Evens wrote:
> My questions :
> 1 Will there be an automatic link via LinusMint or Libreoffice  to 
> Microsoft, when i connect this PC to Wifi ?
Why would there be? On a side note, paranoia is a serious disease, it 
doesn't help with taking on alleged problems with a clear mind set...
> 2 Writer :
> To test this PC, i first created some files and text-documents.
> Only after that i found LibreOffice and Writer,
> meaning that i created these files and documents with the 
> Mint-textprogram.
> But is there a way to move these texts and files to Writer ?
Just open them. Not sure what you mean by "move to Writer". The default 
file extension is .odt but it can open up pretty much all other 
test/word processor formats.
> 3 in Writer i cannot create files, only documents.
How do you define a "file"? Sorry, but a file is very generic term, 
apply to documents as well as to hundreds of thousands of different file 
formats. A "document" (as in word processing "document") is just one of 
those multitude of "files"...
>    The pictograms '1 file higher' or ' create a new file' as 
> mentionned in 'help' for Writer, are not available in a document i 
> created on Writer.
Not the faintest idea what exactly you are referring to...
> 4 Before buying this PC, i found inforation on th internet about Linux 
> / LibreOffice, that one of their big advantages is that a document can 
> be 'saved' in PDF, but i could not find that PDF option for saving a 
> document in Writer.

Well, on my LibreOffice version installed on Linux Mint 19.1, the 
"Export to PDF" option is right next to the "Save" icon in the tool bar. 
And this is true for all versions of LibreOffice, even on my MacBook and 
on this Windows PC, where I am typing this email. Below (hopefully, not 
sure if the mailing list is passing this through) is a screenshot of 
that part of the menu bar of Writer on Windows, and while the icons look 
a bit different between different OS, it is in the same place, and for 
all I know, has the same functionality...

> 5 Can i upload PDF documents fia a USBstick to Writer ?

What do you mean by "upload"?

Sorry, probably not the answer you like to hear, but doing IT services 
and dealing with all kinds of user on a daily basis for more than two 
decades, I think your main problem is a lack of understanding of general 
computer terms and how they are applied to various situations...


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