Problem with Calc 6.2 Multiple Operations

Steve Fanning stevemfanning at
Tue Jul 23 13:20:09 UTC 2019


Can anybody help me please? I have been working within the LO 
Documentation Team updating Chapter 9 (Data Analysis) of the Calc Guide.

I have hit a particular problem with the Multiple Operations tool and 
have been unable to successfully save a LO spreadsheet containing 
multiple operations into an Excel file. (I have tried placing the 
relevant formula in the top left cell!)

By way of an example you can find a suitable Excel spreadsheet on the 
site called, at a download address of I 
opened this file in LO 6.2 and all seemed well, so I re-saved it from LO 
as an Excel file. Unfortunately Excel generated errors when opening this 
version of the file and the resulting spreadsheet appeared to just 
contain numeric values rather than a proper Excel Data Table structure.

Should this process work or am I doing something stupid?


Steve Fanning
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