tdf#120047 Support attribute harpoon/wideharpoon in Math

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Sun Jun 2 13:20:21 UTC 2019

Hi Takeshi,

Regina Henschel schrieb am 01-Jun-19 um 17:53:
> Hi Takeshi,
> can you please provide the changed OpenSymbol font? For example attach 
> it to the bug report?

I have found it there.

> Currently the symbol is not only the harpoon, but the placeholder dotted 
> circle in addition, see attachment.
> I would like to test it with your version of the font.

With the new font file installed, the two harpoon commands results in 
correctly rendered harpoon symbols in Math formulas now.

I have tested the new glyph in ordinary text too. I have looked, how it 
is placed in other fonts. The solutions vary. "STIX Two Text" puts it 
over the character, so that the next character has the same place as if 
no combined character is before. "Segoe UI Symbol" puts it half to the 
right and the next character tight, so that the harpoon goes into the 
next character. "Arial Unicode MS" and "Cambria" puts it entire on the 
right side and the next character after the harpoon. That is the same as 
I see it in OpenSymbol. So now reason to object.

What is needed, that the new OpenSymbol font is generated during the 

> Kind regards
> Regina
> Takeshi Abe schrieb am 01-Jun-19 um 03:36:
>> Hi,
>> To solve tdf#120047 [1], I am going to add a couple of new attributes
>> harpoon/wideharpoon to the starmath command syntax [2].
>> At the same time the patch introduces a new glyph to OpenSymbol font
>> to make sure that the harpoon symbol (U+20D1) has the consistent width
>> with COMBINING RIGHT ARROW ABOVE (U+20D7), which is the one shown
>> as the arrow for attributes vec/widevec so far.
>> Review and suggestions are highly appreciated.
>> [1]
>> [2]

The export to MathML is OK, import from pure MathML works too.

Tooltips and texts in context menu are OK. But the text in section 
"Attributes" in the help needs to be updated. So in case you do not 
write it yourself, please add the bug to the "depends on" list in 
Meta-bug 120200, when your commit your patch.

So for me it looks usable.

In the long term, I would prefer to get a general solution for the 
MathML attributes 'accent' and 'stretchy'. But because no one is working 
on it, I support to solve this special request in the way you suggest.

Kind regard

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