tdf#120047 Support attribute harpoon/wideharpoon in Math

Takeshi Abe tabe at
Mon Jun 3 15:04:55 UTC 2019

Hi Regina,

On Sun, 2 Jun 2019 15:20:21 +0200, Regina Henschel <rb.henschel at> wrote:
> With the new font file installed, the two harpoon commands results in correctly
> rendered harpoon symbols in Math formulas now.

> I have tested the new glyph in ordinary text too. I have looked, how it is
> placed in other fonts. The solutions vary. "STIX Two Text" puts it over the
> character, so that the next character has the same place as if no combined
> character is before. "Segoe UI Symbol" puts it half to the right and the next
> character tight, so that the harpoon goes into the next character. "Arial
> Unicode MS" and "Cambria" puts it entire on the right side and the next
> character after the harpoon. That is the same as I see it in OpenSymbol. So now
> reason to object.
> What is needed, that the new OpenSymbol font is generated during the
> build-process?
If you have FontForge (fontforge in PATH) installed, will find it
given --enable-build-opensymbol option, which has been introduced recently:
<>, and the .ttf will be built.

> The export to MathML is OK, import from pure MathML works too.
> Tooltips and texts in context menu are OK. But the text in section "Attributes"
> in the help needs to be updated. So in case you do not write it yourself, please
> add the bug to the "depends on" list in Meta-bug 120200, when your commit your
> patch.
Right, I will file an issue once merged.

> So for me it looks usable.
> In the long term, I would prefer to get a general solution for the MathML
> attributes 'accent' and 'stretchy'. But because no one is working on it, I
> support to solve this special request in the way you suggest.
I agree with your preference for a general solution, and admit that my patch
is just a one-more-pile thing.

Thank you very much for your throughly inspection.

-- Takeshi Abe

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