Base without HSQL support?

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at
Thu Jun 6 07:33:49 UTC 2019

Le 06/06/2019 à 00:00, Drew Jensen a écrit :

For my 2c :

> Right now if the ODB file with HSQL does not have any of the following
> data types, decimal, numeric, Image(Blob), Date, Time or TIMESTAMP, the
> data transfer will succeed. How many odb files would have one or more of
> those IDK but guessing it would be a fair percentage. 

In other words, and this may seem harsh, the migration assistant is
pretty much useless for the majority of embedded hsqldb ODBs out there
in real-world actual daily use.

I would also add that every single table bar three (Customers,
Suppliers, Categories) we currently propose through the table creation
wizard in the Business category, has at least one of those fields, which
means that if people have used them in the past to create embedded
hsqldb files, they are all pretty much likely to fail on migration in
one way or another. I haven't checked the Personal category list of
tables, but I imagine it is a similar story.

> Here is the real problem though, imo, right now with 6.3 if you try to
> import any external source into decimal and numeric fields with Firebird
> there is an issue. If you drag drop a table from any Base file type or
> from Calc or import a text file as CSV. The Date, time, TIMESTAMP and
> Boolean fields in Firebird also have some issues with the those Import
> Wizard functions, but less extreme in that the import function is more
> restrictive on what is recognized as valid input compared to the Import
> Wizard when using the HSQL sdbc. 

In addition to what Drew outlines above, correct UTF and collation
support need to be guaranteed for all those who don't use ASCII English
in their DBs. We too often have a habit of forgetting that there are DB
users outside of the anglophone sphere, and their migration concerns are
just as valid.


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