Base without HSQL support?

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Thu Jun 6 12:50:27 UTC 2019


IMHO, considering the number of bugs related to Firebird, I think Firebird
should be put back to experimental.
Indeed, here is the list of migration part only:

Moreover, this interesting link shows there's some (not trivial) work to do
in order to have a reliable conversion process:

The minimum would be to stop migration dialog for which we don't even know
how to avoid it just after having created an HSQL embedded DB.

Of course, I know the goal is to remove Java dependency (it's one of the
reason HSQLDB part is quite obsolete and hasn't been updated) but the
current situation is quite broken and there are too few Base experts (which
know the internal of sdbc(x) and cache mechanisms for example) resources
being able to work on it.
Knowing that there are lot of parts of Base which must be polished (eg:
reports), this lack of Base experts has a big impact.


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