Base without HSQL support?

Jean-Pierre Ledure jp at
Mon Jun 10 09:57:01 UTC 2019


Le 9/06/19 à 14:05, Wols Lists a écrit :
> On 09/06/19 11:32, Jean-Pierre Ledure wrote:
>> The concept of "embedded" database is - at most - a nice-to-have feature.
>> A Base application embedding in the same single file both the logic and
>> the data is 1. unmaintainable (a. You cannot prepare a new version. b.
>> You cannot use 3rd party database design or database management or
>> database ... migration tools), 2. "undistributable" to other users and
>> 3. definitively limited to serving a single user.
>> In fact, it is a nice toy but it is also nonsense to build real
>> (data)Base applications, the data being embedded.
> You're forgetting a large class of users ... the home user, who 1. tends
> to "write and forget", and doesn't know about 3rd-party tools, 2. has no
> desire to share, and 3. by definition is a single user.

I do not want to forget anyone. I want to open doors, to give home and 
other (?) users new perspectives.

A home user using an embedded Hsqldb database has NO BENEFIT in using an 
embedded Firebird database. (S)he has only a high risk to fail its 
migration. This is at least the current status.


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