Building libreoffice headless

James Carbine james.carbine at
Thu Jun 13 18:07:39 UTC 2019

> That info might be completely out of date. It refers to 4.4, which is a few
> years old. But then I never build without GUI. As you may know there is the
> LibreOffice Online version since a few years[1]. That can run in a docker
> container on a server. But I don't know if it really is build without any GUI
> libraries at all. I never used it.
I tried building with the flag and it failed. But it is also entirely
possible that I did it wrong.
> Please have a look at [2].
Thanks, I'll take a look at that list.
> It's not clear what that means for you. No gui libraries linked or no running
> gui reqired.

We are deploying to a shared machine that does not have the X11
libraries available(or rather are prohibited). We are trying to build
LibreOffice without X in a way that we can then replicate for a Debian
package build that does not require X11 as a dependency. The resulting
package will be deployed to a headless server environment.


-James Carbine

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