logerrit error

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at t-online.de
Tue Mar 5 22:36:15 UTC 2019


shubham goyal schrieb am 05-Mar-19 um 08:34:
> Hey, I want to submit my patches in Gerrit for review. But here are some 
> errors.
>   ./logerrit test

First you made your changes.

Then use
	git add
to tell git which files you want to commit

Then use
	git commit -m " your comment"
to generate the commit.
Please notice, that in case your patch belongs to a bug, your comment 
starts with tdf#123456 (of cause not this dummy number but the actual one).
And notice, that the second line of the comment must be empty.
And notice, that there is no automatic word wrap, but you must manually 
take care, that the comment lines are shorter than 70 characters.

Then use
       ./logerrit submit master
You should then be ask for your ssh-passphrase.

Kind regards

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