Japanese and Korean Fonts Requirements for building on Arch

Luke Benes lukebenes at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 23 02:23:17 UTC 2019

On a fresh install of Arch, I installed the https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Development/Linux_Build_Dependencies  requirements. During the build I get the following notification:

Additional Fonts Required
An application is requesting additional fonts. 

Clicking on the notification, the Software center says, "Japanese and Korean you were searching for could not be found"

What fonts do I need?

The message pops up during this part of the build:

[SCK] smoketest
[PYT] solenv_python
[SCK] sot
[SCK] starmath
[JUT] svl_complex
[SCK] svtools
[SCK] svx
[SCK] sw
[SCK] toolkit
[SCK] ucb
[SCK] unotools
[SCK] unoxml
[SCK] xmloff
[UIT] cui
[UIT] sc
[UIT] sd
[UIT] sw

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