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Hello Shubham,

On 29.03.2019 01:21, Shubham Verma wrote:
> Hello Dear Sir,
> My name is Shubham Verma. I am a B tech 2nd-year I.T. student and I 
> would like to look into working with LibreOffice for the Google Summer 
> of Code 2019.

Great! Welcome to LibreOffice!

> I have just recently started learning and looking into the 
> contributions that I can make to GitHub issues. As this is my first 
> GSOC  I wanted to know what other things I have to do to be part of an 
> organization.

We don't use GitHub at all for the LibreOffice project. What you see on 
our GitHub repo is just a read-only mirror.

The answer you got on the dev mailing list still stands mostly:

> I mentioned my interest and project on which I want to work on below, 
> have a look at that and tell me what will be good for me. I want to 
> work on the project Additions - Tight integration of extensions like 
> GHNS! and 100 paper cuts under the guidance of yours. and I want to 
> ask you if you have a particular long-standing idea on which I can work.

Both sound good.

For the 100-paper-cuts idea, you will need to go thorough the list of 
the paper-cuts,[0] and select 15-20 of them, preferably related to the 
same or similar part(s) of the code-base. Write a draft with them, and 
ask for input/opinion from me or Samuel Mehrbrodt.

For the "Additions - Tight integration of extensions like GHNS!" idea, 
you will need to investigate the current situation of the extensions 
website,[1] and the extension manager, go through the initial idea and 
the blog post[2] by Heiko Tietze, try to refine the idea, and come up 
with a final design. Attending design meetings[3], and also discussing 
the idea with Heiko Tietze and me would help a lot. Beware that this is 
a very nice project idea, but might need some preliminary work to give 
it a final shape, preferably before submitting your final proposal. 
Otherwise, it might cause you to lose some time at the beginning of the 
GSoC timeline.

> I would be grateful if you can tell me if there's anything else that I 
> could do which would be appreciated. Any further guidance or inputs 
> would certainly be of great help.

If you are going to go with the 100-paper-cuts idea, here is a nice 
easyhack of 'interesting' level:

Any other 'interesting' easyhack, that you feel interested, would also 
be good.

> Thank you!



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