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Cyrille lafricain79 at
Thu May 2 18:42:52 UTC 2019

I missed some of your message...

Il 02/05/2019 12:36, Eike Rathke ha scritto:
> Hi Cyrille,
> On Tuesday, 2019-04-30 08:56:06 +0200, Cyrille wrote:
>> I installed the oxt for the tamil dic. After reboot, in the list of
>> languages I have well the green/blue V that indicate I have the
>> spellchecker enable for this language (Tamil).
>> But not yet for Burmese even if the hunspell dic is installed.
>> The strange think it is if I wrote in Burmese, I have the Burmese words
>> proposed in the list of corrections. But the active language of the
>> paragraph is Tamil. If I wrote in Tamil it is the tamil words in the
>> proposition of correction. If I change the language of the paragraph for
>> Burmese, I have no more proposition of correction.
> "Burmese" which? If from the language listbox then that Burmese is
> 'my-MM' which does not match the wrong 'bur' code you introduced with
> the dictionary, which probably is listed at top of the language list as
> "{bur}". Other than that, I'm confused by your Tamil vs Burmese mix and
> how you can get Burmese corrections in a Tamil paragraph, maybe related
> to the non-CTL vs CTL script assignments and detection of scripts.
I'm confuse to, can explain it.
>   Eike

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