HEADS UP! Google Seasons of Doc: Call for mentors

Olivier Hallot olivier.hallot at libreoffice.org
Thu May 2 19:05:36 UTC 2019

Hello Dev Team !

As part of the GSoDoc program, community members interested in mentoring
documentation writers must advance their names and turn it public for
technical writer (TW) candidates.

The wiki page with some ideas is already in place, and mentors are
invited to pick one of the ideas or even add new ideas to the list. When
doing so, edit the wiki page and put your name and contact for TWs


Please fill the Google form here too:


(you can still apply after the indicated deadline)

Our documentation also need to go beyond our Guides, and other books are
in our radar, notably the update of the administration guide (from
OpenOffice.org times) and the LibreOffice Online Guide (inexistant), or
even a Basic or Python Guide.

Our deadline is May 28th.

With kind regards.

Olivier Hallot
LibreOffice Documentation Coordinator
Comunidade LibreOffice
Rio de Janeiro - Brasil - Local Time: UTC-03:00

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