Android Viewer(Online) - Weekly report [7 May - 10 May]

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Mon May 13 09:48:16 UTC 2019

Hi Kaishu,

Kaishu Sahu píše v Po 13. 05. 2019 v 03:20 +0530:

> This week (from 7th May to 10th May):
> 1. I have added a feature in the document viewer to insert image in a
> document from the phone's internal/external storage(Task#01). The
> task of image insertion is handled by the browser i.e. the process of
> taking an image from the disk and uploading but in the case of
> Android Viewer, there wasn't any implementation in the webView.
> 2. I have tried to understand Loleaflet's(javascript part) internal
> working. 

Very good - thank you!

> Addition of sidebar or changes in the document viewer may require
> some understanding of Loleaflet. 

Actually Florin (CC'd) is actually already working on the sidebar
support in parallel, so most probably it'll be done by the time you get
to that; so you don't have to worry about that, most probably you'll
just skip it, there's a lot of other stuff to work on :-)

All the best,

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