Android Viewer(Online) - Weekly report [7 May - 10 May]

Kaishu Sahu kaishusahu101 at
Sun May 12 21:50:18 UTC 2019

Project: LibreOffice Android Viewer(Online)

This week (from 7th May to 10th May):
1. I have added a feature in the document viewer to insert image in a
document from the phone's internal/external storage(Task#01). The task of
image insertion is handled by the browser i.e. the process of taking an
image from the disk and uploading but in the case of Android Viewer, there
wasn't any implementation in the webView.
2. I have tried to understand Loleaflet's(javascript part) internal
working. Addition of sidebar or changes in the document viewer may require
some understanding of Loleaflet.

added insert image feature(under review), tried to understand Loleaflets

Kaishu Sahu
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