increasing no of columns to 16384

Noel Grandin noelgrandin at
Tue Sep 3 13:34:10 UTC 2019

Hi All

I've been working on increasing the number of columns in calc to 16384. Where I am now is that the CUT tests pass, not 
the SCK or JUT or UIT tests.

Forwarding discussion with mmeeks below:

Noel Grandin wrote:
> So where I am right now is a little stuck.

  	Ah ! =)

> I have fixed various latent overflow bugs, such that the CUT tests pass,
> and we can load/save spreadsheets with lots of columns.

> But the SCK/JUT/UIT tests fail because .... "ROW" is a valid column and
> some tests are using stuff like "ROW1" as a named range.

  	Wow - what fun ! =) we go to XFD of course; any other fun words we can
  think of that intersect.

  	What does Excel do for that ? (perhaps check names before columns or
  something(?) or de-mangle and check names).

> Now I can rename those in the test, but obviously that is not going to
> work well in the wild.

  	Right; I wonder how common that is in the wild.

> Any suggestions ?

  	Do we have the list of names as/when we're parsing the formulae
  typically ? my hope would be that in ODF they're beforehand, and that
  for XLS[X] we can get at them first (?) Of course - actually in ODF they
  are at the end after the cell data which is seriously dumb (huh!)

  	Could we push the names of the names through the address de-mangler,
  and just warn the user in this case (?) - as long as people are not
  caught unawares - I'd imagine that we can survive (?) =)

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