ESC meeting minutes: 2020-04-09

Heiko Tietze heiko.tietze at
Fri Apr 10 08:42:01 UTC 2020

On 09.04.20 16:52, Miklos Vajna wrote:
> * Tenders for budget 2020 (Miklos)
>   + if you have good ideas, please add them to
>   ...
>   + requirements:
>     + submitted by 17:00 today (Berlin time)
>     + estimate (person weeks)
>     + contact person

Since we always do the same procedure I'm afraid enhancements will remain developer focused. We don't take QA into account (importance/severity of issues, number of CCs/DUPs) and do not involve the community. An example from UX is the document theme, which is definitely a nice thing, but I wonder how many users appreciate this enhancement over a better keyboard customization.

May the wisdom of the community be with the ESC/BoD.

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