ESC meeting minutes: 2020-04-09

Thorsten Behrens thb at
Sun Apr 12 22:03:45 UTC 2020

Hi Heiko,

Heiko Tietze wrote:
> An example from UX is the document theme, which is definitely a nice
> thing, but I wonder how many users appreciate this enhancement over
> a better keyboard customization.
The keyboard customisation proposal had no cost estimate, so that's
impossible then for TDF to plan/budget for.

TDC would have been a nice alternative for those issues, also
wrt. getting more direct user input. Alas.

On a lighter note, there's a ton of great ideas on the budget wiki
page now, that perhaps with enough lead time (sorry indeed for the
_very_ short notice) can be turned into fully fleshed-out proposals
until the next budgeting round?


-- Thorsten
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