MacOS support; agenda item ESC

Telesto telesto at
Thu Apr 23 19:41:52 UTC 2020

Hi All,

A ESC agenda item proposal

The LibreOffice MacOS support is pretty dramatic.  No surprise without  
a Mac developer around; or maybe one? No developers/ or no developers 
with macs.  The Mac code is legacy as far I know. There are enough 
depreciation warning within the code. It still surprises me it's still 
working; more or less. It really needs some love.

However Mac users are a relatively 'small' group of users. Getting 
smaller with every broken release. Fixing if for free while mac users 
can afford macs is makes the situation not easier. There must be some 
way out of this deadlock. To make LibreOffice Mac great again.
We come in a area where 'open source' and 'commercial interest' meet 
each other. The problematic part. I wish a company could step up and 
fix/hack the current issue and bring the old mac code to modern 
standards. However it makes no sense doing this for free. There some be 
some time to get a return on investments. Impossible if the code flows 
into TDF builds directly. Maybe a work around would be a to make the 
code public, however TDF/Libreoffice holding releasing pre-builds 
versions with updated code for a certain time-frame? Or a company 
sponsored crowdfunding project? I would even consider TDF to release new 
MacOS builds, they are broken for most users anyway. Not sure if this 
fits into to the TDF principles and Legal area etc. Only hoping for a 


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