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Fri Apr 24 09:02:49 UTC 2020

Hi there,

On 23/04/2020 20:41, Telesto wrote:
> The LibreOffice MacOS support is pretty dramatic.

	Sooo ... Collabora has been focused elsewhere for a while, but some
app-store budget to invest in Mac fixing has accumulated. I'd like to
address some of these issues and get it updated on the store; but
helping to build a list of specific things to address would be
worthwhile I guess.

> The Mac code is legacy as far I know. There are enough
> depreciation warning within the code. It still surprises
> me it's still working; more or less. It really needs some love.

	Glad it's working (more or less =)

	Is your concern deprecation warnings during compile time ? or use of
deprecated API ? Normally we've focused on end-user feature/function
problems rather than compile-time deprecation warnings.

	Ultimately - there is plenty of bit-rot to go around, last time I did a
UWP  API analysis eg. our multimedia support on Windows needed
re-writing for the Media Foundation APIs - instead of using DirectShow
and so on. Then again, Microsoft seem to have stepped far away from
demanding that UWP is required - and stopped their aggressive API
deprecation approach there.

	Of course, getting rid of GDI has been important for me at least, as
well as the font work to use DirectWrite and then the use of Skia has
moved us towards something rather current for rendering. I'd like to
move towards using Skia to share more of the underlying rendering code
on the Mac too.

	So - do you have a list of concerns ? (or more ideally user visible
bugs here).

	Ultimately re-writing working code to handle deprecation issues before
we're forced to is not terribly glorious - it creates ~unavoidable
regressions for a future benefit =)



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