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Tue Apr 28 15:22:40 UTC 2020

Very interesting - does this means that there is no OpenGL support for macOS at present too? Or is OpenGL/Metal supported by using respective macOS library calls? If the latter is the case, OpenGL (and Skia) option within preference dialogs should be removed for macOS. On the oder hand dealing with deprecation of OpenGL would be no discussion is this case. OpenCL option does not seem to work properly on macOS - same reason?

On 27. Apr 2020, at 09:58, Luboš Luňák <l.lunak at> wrote:

On Saturday 25 of April 2020, Thorsten Wagner wrote:
> (2) I am not sure whether SKIA is really working on macOS. Although I have
> not investigated this in detail, my understanding is that SKIA is currently
> only implemented for Linux and Windows. If this is correct SKIA preference
> option is misleading for macOS. For macOS SKIA is an interesting option as
> Open GL is deprecated on macOS and SKIA has Metal support. On the other
> hand Open GL should not be disabled until a replacement has been
> implemented for macOS too.

It's important to differentiate between Skia (or OpenGL) and LO VCL backends 
using them. Currently the only VCL backends that use Skia or OpenGL are 
the 'win' and 'gen' backends, which means Skia or OpenGL can be used only on 
Windows or on Unix with the gen backend that ~nobody uses in practice.

Other VCL backends such as the Mac one can be presumably made to use these 
too. I haven't done anything with Skia related to Mac because I don't have a 

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