Michael Stahl mst at
Wed Apr 29 16:39:44 UTC 2020

hi Olivier,

On 29.04.20 17:29, Olivier Hallot wrote:
> Hi fellow developers
> Google Season of Doc is an opportunity to leverage documentation at
> large. At the moment I am concerned in the effectiveness of the tool
> Doxygen (which I know almost nothing) for code documentation and
> especially for documenting the API, under the end-user perspective.
> So far I can tell, as ocasional macro coder, that the API website is
> (expletive deleted) and ineffective.

so you are unhappy with the current state? what in particular don't you 
like about the API documentation?

> So I'd like to leverage the Google opportunity for documenting the API
> in an usable, searchable and truly effective for macro coders.
> Please drop me a note on how can I build a case for Google that will
> benefit all of us. I can be mentor but I need guidelines from
> experienced devs.

unfortunately i don't know how to advise you how to best argue for 
fixing unspecific and unidentified problems :)

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