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Thu Apr 30 01:34:59 UTC 2020

Hi Michael

Em 29/04/2020 13:39, Michael Stahl escreveu:
> hi Olivier,

> so you are unhappy with the current state? what in particular don't you
> like about the API documentation?

The way information is presented to the non-developer is sub-optimal.
Pre-Doxygen sdk was much easier to navigate and get information as the
ues cases below

With installed sdk in his computer at

Let's suppose I am a candidate to macro programming and want to

Use case 1 : Search for ThisComponent -> no matches

Use Case 2 : What are the methods/properties under getSheets() ?
Answer : search for getSheets returns

where it says
Public Member Functions
com::sun::star::sheet::XSpreadsheets 	getSheets ()
 	returns the collection of sheets in the document. More...

NO mention to methods and properties of the collection object.

just 2 examples on how hard it is to get information currently.

I remind that if this sdk/documentation should be improved, we can look
to get a resource funded by Google, provided we format into a tech doc

Kind regards
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