Enabling Calc macro recording

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Thanks Andrew. I feel a need to put a brief clarification in Chapter 12 
of the 7.0 Calc Guide.



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>It may not record input from a dialog. As an example, if you import a 
>CSV file, I think that it does not remember the parameters that you 
>used for the import.
>The macro it produces does not use commands that directly modify the 
>underlying object model but instead build an object to encapsulate each 
>call and send that object. This can make it more difficult to modify 
>the created macro.
>On Tuesday, August 18, 2020 14:00 EDT, "Steve (GMail)" 
><stevemfanning.wh at gmail.com> wrote:
>In Calc, I notice the option to enable macro recording at Tools > 
>Options > LibreOffice > Advanced is entitled "Enable macro recording 
>(may be limited)".
>Can anybody advise what to "(may be limited)" caveat refers to?
>Steve Fanning
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