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Thu Aug 20 17:50:20 UTC 2020

On Thu, 20 Aug 2020 at 22:41, anshu khare <anshukhare50 at> wrote:

> I basically ran , /opt/lo/bin/make gb_color=1,
> instdir/program/soffice.exe, and /opt/lo/bin/make vs2019-ide-integration
> again on Cygwin.

You don't need to run every time. That is only for the first
build. The normal workflow is to make a new branch -> do your required
changes -> make

Then I went to build folder in C drive of my pc. There I found
> Libreoffice.sln
> I opened it and built the debug version.
> I found that the changes which were made during first build were reflected
> in this built.
> The changes which I made earlier in the code during my first build were
> present this time as well.
I undid the changes in the code. But that didn't affect the changes in
> built.

Are you sure? run "git status" to check if you have some
uncommitted changes or
perhaps if you are working on a separate branch from master do "git diff
master ... your_branch_name". (do not forget the "...")

Shivam Kumar Singh
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