[libreoffice-documentation] What is data hierarchy in pivot table data field options?

Kohei Yoshida kohei at libreoffice.org
Sun Aug 23 14:08:57 UTC 2020

Hi Celia,

On 22.08.2020 21:45, Celia Palacios wrote:

> I do not want to be disrespectful regarding your name, that's why I
> call your full name. I do not know ettiquette. I am sorry.

Just using my first name (Kohei) is fine. :-)

> From this text of yours, if I do not misunderstand, if a field has
> grouping, is it redundant to have hierarchy because it will be the
> same?

Yup. For all intents and purposes, grouping equals hierarchy. The term 
"grouping" is used in the UI, whereas the term "hierarchy" is used in 
the code.

> I want to share this answer (complete of yours) if you may let me,
> Kohei Yoshida, in AskLibreOffice (or if you like, you can). This is
> the question link:
> https://ask.libreoffice.org/en/question/260914/whay-is-data-hierarchy-in-pivot-tables/

Absolutely!  What I post here is public record.  You are free to link to 
it and reference it any way you like.  You don't need my permission to 
do it.

All the best,


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